PBA WISE - Who can claim?

Who can claim?

Millions of people have been sold packaged bank accounts.

There are several reasons a packaged bank account may be considered to be mis-sold.

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    Your existing account may have been 'upgraded' without the bank asking you first.

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    The bank account charges may not have been properly explained to you.

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    The terms of any insurance included with the account may be more restrictive or limited than if you had chosen to take out an independent, free-standing insurance policy.

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    You were told you had to take the Package Bank Account or felt pressurised into taking the account.

If you're unsure if you can make a claim, don't worry, simply complete the form and we will call you to discuss it.


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“Everything was straightforward and extremely well explained to me. I would 100% recommend The Etico Group to anyone who feels they may have been mis-sold a packaged bank account.”

MR C from Wells


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